Bests Christmas gifts for urban ciclysts



Is less than 1 month for Christmas and it's time to start thinking about gifts for our family and friends.

One of the most difficult tasks at this time is to choose the perfect gift for everyone . So from our blog we have created a list of gifts that are sure to delight cycling lovers.

If you love them for your own I personally recommend you to “accidentally” leave your laptop with this page open to be discover by Santa.

The first one is the one we fall in love... this perfect jacket is almost a dream. With a breathable waterproof windproof membrane - plus stretch insulation – this jacket is proof that you don’t need to compromise comfort and style for all-weather protection. It can be yours from 268$ and it is available from XS to XXL sizes.

It's simply perfect, this Laptog bag is made from used bycicle tyres, it fits up to a 15" laptop. Sturdy briefcase handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Zippered exterior pocket on the front, slip pocket on the rear. Made in Seattle from reclaimed bike tubes. Do you like it? It can be yours from 168$

This is for kids but when you see it you will understand why this wodden bike needs to be here. It fits from 18 months to almost 4 years. It has a perfect design and a price from 160$, with this bike is easy to be a real Santa.

The Zap jacket costs 160$, it is available in black, red, yellow and pink and uses a unique a nifty fabric with thousands of embedded glass beads dotted all the entire jacket. By normal daylight the jacket just looks, well like any normal jacket. But shine a light on it at night and the whole jacket reflects back the light.

If you commuting to work everyday you will love this, this bike basket is very useful to carry your stuffs. You can use bike basket to carry items while you go to a shop. The basket is made from environmentally-friendly material, rattan. And of course it is cool, just like you.

The Flask Holster is articulated to fit the curvature of the flask, so a flask fits in only one direction. And remember, in Closca we promote responsible drinking and safe cycling practices. Have fun, and ride safe!

We hope this list will be useful when making your holiday shopping. Remember that what matters is the detail and not the gift itself, but do not forget that this is only in theory. The gift for that loved one can be remembered forever.