5 easy tips to reduce your daily plastic use

Here you are five easy tips to reduce the single-use plastic consumption that you can start to implement in your daily routine.

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We are looking for...

Our team is growing. We know its very important to build our next steps with a talented and passionate team....

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Comparing Closca: Which Closca helmet is right for you?

Trying to narrow down the perfect helmet? Lucky for you, Closca has three to choose from. Read about each of them here to see which one is right for you.

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The best biking cities for your holiday vacation

Holidays are all about one thing: fun! If your version of fun is a holiday filled with biking, check out these best biking cities for miles and miles of fun.

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Our 2018 New Year's resolutions for urban cyclists

Ride more. Get the right accessories. Turn your daily commute into exercise. These are just some things cyclists should vow to do in the new year.

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Great gift ideas for a Closca-filled Christmas!

Looking for Christmas gifts for cycling family and friends? Add these Closca items to your shopping list, and it'll be a merry Christmas, indeed.

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