Design trends 2018: Forecasting for urban biking

Ask any commuter, and they’ll tell you: just like buying a car, “the look” of your bike and bike accessories are almost as important as how well they work. Of course, details like those all come down to the basic elements of their design. And with December already upon us, it’s time to forget the design trends of 2017 and look ahead to 2018.


design trends bike 2018

From electric controllers and more foldable bikes, to bikes that are good for any ride and customizable accessories to go along with them, here are the most essential design trends bike commuters are sure to find in the coming year:

The simpler, the better.

When it comes to modern bicycles, less really is more. Today’s urban bikes are lightweight, straightforward, and free from any flashy “bells and whistles.” The best part? Manufacturers have found ways to achieve this simple look and feel without sacrificing any bicycle’s enhanced capabilities.

Electric bikes are all the rage.

Electric bikes look and function just like a regular bicycle—pedaling and all!—only they have a motor, a battery, and a controller hidden in its traditional frame. An added bonus? You can still burn calories when you ride a bike like this. The electric component is only meant to assist pedaling, making hills and difficult citywide treks more manageable, but doesn’t replace manpower altogether.


electric bike design trends


Disc brakes are becoming the new normal.

Rim brakes, which stop a bike in its tracks by lightly squeezing calipers on the rim of its tires, have long been the standard for bike brakes. But that’s all changing! While there’s nothing wrong with rim brakes, disc brakes are proving more and more beneficial to commuters. There’s good reason for design trends like these: disc brakes stop faster, they don’t skid in any terrain, and they work better in wet weather, making them a safer option for those rainy city days.

All-purpose bikes make life easier for everyone.

Live in a city that’s full of different landscapes? Join the masses and opt for an all-purpose bike. As the name implies, they’re perfect for any setting, and they’re fast, comfortable and can accommodate any type of tire, too.

Foldable is the new black.

By definition, bike commuters travel. But sometimes, that travel can mean hopping off your bike and carrying it with you on another form of transportation, like a train, an airplane, a bus, or even a car. Foldable bikes are as easy as packing a carry-on. (And sometimes, they even fit in one, too.)

Customize everything!

closca kids design trends

Like any city person, commuters like to ride in style. And to let them show off their personal style, more bikes and bike accessories are being designed with customizable elements so commuters can truly make them their own. Take the Closca Helmet, for example! Closca Kids helmets can be decorated with city- and landscape-inspired stickers designed by Cecilia Plaza, an illustrator from Valencia, while all Closca helmets can interchange six, different-colored visors to complement their fashion of the day.



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