Great gift ideas for a Closca-filled Christmas!

Christmas is coming! And with it, a lot of Christmas shopping for loving family and friends. When one of them is a cycling fanatic, there’s a whole world of gifts you can buy them—but if you really want to get them the best biking helmet and accessories on the market, there’s only one brand you should be buying: Closca.

Read below for four ways to bring your loved ones a very merry Closca Christmas:


Closca Helmet


Closca helmet for christmas


The Closca brand is most known for changing the bike accessories landscape in a major way, and the basic Closca Helmet shows why. By patenting the “foldable” helmet, creating a trio of concentric rings that essentially “fold” into each other and reduce the helmet to nearly 50% of its original size, Closca has designed a helmet is both convenient for transportation and safer than any other helmet on the market. The concept is simple! By folding each ring into the next, it’s impossible for the helmet to collapse in a collision. On top of that, it has a built-in ventilation system that keeps riders free from sunstroke, complies with both European and American EN 1078 and CPSC standards of safety, and is even embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that connects your helmet to your smartphone to help in an emergency.


Closca Nordic


Closca nordic for christmas


Do you know someone who has to ride in cold weather? If so, what they need is the Closca Nordic. Much like the Closca Helmet, this one is lightweight, comes with a foldable frame, can withstand large amounts of force, and exudes a calm, “cool” vibe for only the most stylish commuters. Perfect for the winter months, however, the Closca Nordic also adds a wool accessory, Nordic Wheat Apparel, that functions like a snow cap beneath your sleek helmet.


Closca Kids


closca kids for christmas


When Santa comes down the chimney this year, make sure he brings a bike helmet for the little ones, too. And adding to the holiday cheer, the Closca Kids helmet is colorful and fun! In addition to having all of the usual Closca traits, these lightweight helmets have removable stickersfeaturing different iconic cities and landscapes designed by Venezuelan illustrator, Cecilia Plazathat let kids create a helmet that speaks to their own dreams and adventures.


Closca Accessories

Need stocking stuffers? That’s where Closca Accessories come into play. Powered by the belief that cycling should be so seamless that it adapts to our lives (and not the other way around), Closca has developed a line of interchangeable helmet visors. Perfect for the brand’s solid black and white helmets, you can get more than one visor and change up your look. It’s easy to do, too, as these visors come in six colors: Tangerine, Kale, Niagara, Reflective, Gray and Wheat.


Merry Christmas!


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