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Our 2018 New Year's resolutions for urban cyclists

Ride more. Get the right accessories. Turn your daily commute into exercise. These are just some things cyclists should vow to do in the new year.

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The top 10 Instagram accounts for cyclists

Follow these must-see Instagram accounts from popular cyclists for cycling inspiration, cycling tips and tricks, must-have bike accessories and more. 

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Inspirational women cyclists we can all admire

In every sport, there are people that inspire us. Cycling is no different! Ever wonder who paved the way for bike riders today? Read about the six inspiring women cyclists listed below. Then grab your Closca Helmet and follow their lead.

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Dare to explore the best New York bike paths?

Would you like to discover one of the world's most exciting cities on two wheels? We've rounded up our favourite New York bike paths for you to explore.

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The Top 10 US Cities to Wear Your Urban Bike Helmet

There’s just something about a bike ride. It lets you explore a city at your own pace, it puts you...

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