NEW Closca Fuga


- Never compromise on safety, functionality or style -

Closca Design, in collaboration with the design studio CuldeSac, launch its second generation of foldable helmets for urban cyclists.

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Closca Design introduces its second generation of foldable helmets for urban cyclists worldwide. It’s taken almost two years of work focused on investing in research, development and innovation that allowed us achieving a highly competitive product both in functionality and in aesthetics/style.

The new design showcases the evolution of Closca Design’s first product named Turtle, a safety certified helmet capable of being folded to a flat shape for storage in any purse or backpack, and with a wide range of customization possibilities in terms of fabrics and colors.

Closca Fuga represents the balance between functionality and product beauty, transforming a safety element into a fashion accessory. Closca thus stays committed to offering design and innovation in an ever-growing global market: the bicycle as a form of transportation in our cities.

Closca Fuga has been jointly developed with Valencia based strategic and creative consultant Company CuldeSac. The result of this collaboration is a helmet that cuts off from an sportive look and stays closer to the urban life style. The creative process has been carried out taking into account the guidelines that urban cyclists themselves have fed back to us day by day, with contributions by means of opinions, preferences and wishes to be implemented in this new product.

Closca Fuga has holds safety compliance certificates for the USA, EU and Asia, and brings in a smart functional look without dropping the original idea of customization through the combination of fabric materials with the helmet’s own materials. With this launch Closca Design achieves consolidation of an international brand that is present in over 60 countries around the world.

USA, Germany, UK and Japan are currently the main customers for the product designed by this Valencia based Company.

Closca Design’s new helmet is actually one of the most elegant, functional and stylish proposals for city cyclists.

The product is available upon pre-order and ultimately from April 30th at online shop.

Contact: Carlos Ferrando |  |  +34 620 26 37 44


Closca Design S.L. was founded in 2013 by two young engineers out of Universitat Politècnica de València, Carlos Ferrando and Rafa Cerdá.

It has been awarded several innovative startup acknowledgements:

- Instituto IDEAS Award (Universitat Politècnica de València) 2015

- 5Ucv – startup category Award (Generalitat Valenciana) 2015

- Winner of the Climate-KIC accelerator program 2015 in Spain


CuldeSac, strategic and creative consultants based in Valencia, develop ideas and concepts that add value and create business for brands. The multidisciplinary team that makes up this creative laboratory is specialized in developing and implementing unique brand experiences across the world.

CuldeSac is currently one of the most versatile studios in the Spanish creative scene. Internationally recognized and a regular premium brands’ partner, it explores alternative paths to carry out interdisciplinary projects in spaces, product, branding, events, communication and PR.