Closca Helmet

Color: WHITE

Safe: in case of an accident the impact is optimally dissipated by complying with the EN1078 and CPSC certificates.

Patented folding system that reduces its size by 45% so you can carry it with you in your bag.

The NFC chip allows you to record your medical history and your emergency contacts.

Interchangeable displays in different materials and colors.

Winner of the best design awards: Red Dot Design Award, Gold Delta Design ADI and Eurobike Award. 

2 years warranty.


Closca Helmet complies with the strict safety standards EN1078 and CPSC, valid for Europe, Asia, USA and Canada.

In the event of a collision, the impact is optimally dissipated, as the folding system allows for micro-movements that cause the impact to be better distributed over the entire surface.

This means that not only will it never fold while you are wearing it, but it will provide you with maximum safety during your travels.

The NFC can be found in the front of the helmet. Between the logo and the visor.

It can be used to register your helmet, add personal information, images, phone number, allergies, etc. In the future it can also be used to unlock bicycles or public scooters, for example.

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Customer Reviews

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Ana Flack
Very comfy

Yes it is exactly as cool as I expected.

Lee Yuan Tu
On the instagram advertisement

Yes! I like it very much.

Gundula Ehringer
Super comfy

Absolutely cool, a bit big though

Peter Neubauer
very cool


Sverrir Falur Björnsson

Closca Helmet