Be part of the change!

We need to change the way we consume water. Let's make this change motivating and beneficial for the planet and for us.
Be part of the change!

Plastic saved


Together we have saved the planet thousands of kilos of plastic bottles.

Turtles saved


Every time you use your refillable bottle you are saving marine ecosystems.

Closca Waterapp

Don't stay behind!

Join Closca in the fight against plastic and position your brand in the "green brands" market.


Corporate social responsibility

Make your positive impact on the planet tangible with real-time metrics.

Gamification and Marketplace

Save plastic, viralize your brand and position your products alongside powerful brands in the marketplace.

Create your brand challenge

Be part of a global community and create your own brand challenges. Involve your customers and employees.

Grow your community

Attract new audiences and grow your community while generating more traffic to your platforms.

Become a filling point

Attract customers to your physical spaces. More than 240,000 fill points around the world.

The app to find water

Connect your Closca bottles with the Water app and become part of an active community in the fight against single-use plastic.


Hello, how can we help you?

What are the requirements to become a refill point?

To become a refill point, you only need to have a drinking water refill point accessible to users.

Can I access my impact metrics?

Your metrics will be available on a dashboard and will be updated in real-time. Don't miss a thing!

Can I customize my challenges?

Sure, you can change everything from the challenge itself, the duration, the audience... make it your own!

Can I customize the rewards of the challenges?

Yes, you can add the rewards you want and they are modifiable from one challenge to another. More challenges, better rewards!

Can I be part of the Marketplace?

Yes, your products and services can be part of the rewards of the challenges and also be included in the marketplace of the application. Reach new audiences!

What happens to my data?

We are committed to keeping your data confidential. Always safe!

What if I need help?

Closca will support you in every step of the process. From launch, communication, development to closure. Your success, ours and that of the planet!

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