Closca Helmet Loop Aurora




Size guide

Size M: 56 - 59 cm

Size L: 60 - 63 cm

The most casual folding helmet for ambassadors of change. Pure Closca essence, with colors inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

Find out more about the #CitiesWithSoul challenge and inspire change.

Foldable helmet

Safe helmet

Light helmet

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  • Foldable. It reduces its size by 45% in just one second so you can store it in your backpack or purse.
  • Safe. Complies with shock absorption certifications (EN1078 and CPSC).
  • Light. Weights between 340gr. and 375gr.
  • Comfortable. Rear adjustment system.
  • Ventilated. Hidden openings to keep the air flow.

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SICHERHEIT: Erfüllt die strengen Sicherheitsstandards EN1078 und CPSC, gültig für Europa, Asien, USA und Kanada.
Im Falle eines Aufpralls verbiegt sich der Helm niemals, während Sie ihn tragen stark>. Es bietet Ihnen maximale Sicherheit bei Ihren Spaziergängen.

GARANTIE: 3 Jahre.

For ambassadors of change

The folding helmet for those who move around the city in a sustainable way and send a message to those around them: we want cities without smoke and noise.

The magic of the Aurora

Loop comes in 4 colors inspired by the hypnotic beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Combine and find the perfect one for you.

Foldable, practical and above all safe

The helmet's folding system allows its size to be reduced by half while maintaining all the safety guarantees. In the event of a collision, the system locks up, keeping you protected.

The helmet of the new urbanites

Designed for those who have changed the way they move daily to achieve friendlier and healthier cities.

Always ventilated and dry

The ventilation system is made up of small openings that allow constant air circulation. Its small size does not allow water filtration so it protects you from fine rain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Peter Gille
It’s my first bike-helmet, so I don’t have much to compare it with, but I don’t have any complain...

Sure, it’s cool. Cooler than any helmet I see on the road. But what’s more important, it protects your head! I’m pretty sure that the helmet already saved my life!! On my fourth ride with the new helmet I made a nasty fall with my bike and hit the ground with my head/helmet. The helmet is cracked, so I will order a new one very soon, but otherwise my skull would have cracked. So thank you Closca, for the fine helmet ande the fast delivery!

Manuel Gonzalez Evangelista
very comfy

supercool. I love it!

Charlotte Delebarre
Très bon casque, confortable, facile à régler

Oui, très bien

Heidi Vannevel
extremely comfy

lives up to all expectations

Alvaro Fernandez Zamanillo
Es cómodo, sin embargo creo que con la talla no he acertado y me queda algo holgado. Sería posib...


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