The showcase of brands that inspire change

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The showcase of brands that inspire change

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The challenge we face socially and environmentally is enormous. We need your help. You are also part of the change.

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Elegance and innovation

Elegance and uniqueness in innovative products and services to give your brand added value.

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People want to belong to groups with whom they share ideas. Do this with products that are also a symbol of change.

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Happy employees

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Google drinks without plastic

The tech giant joins the fight against single-use plastic for drinking water. Google x Closca Bottle, a reusable glass bottle for the company's employees to do their bit in the fight against plastic.



Sustainable mobility

The Italian racing team joins sustainable mobility with an urban scooter and a folding helmet fully customized for the brand.


Symbol of inspiration

The icon of modern art that houses the emblematic Closca Helmet. One of the few Spanish pieces in the museum, which has its own version.


Icon of creativity

The event that brings together the brightest creative minds joined the fight against single-use plastic pollution.


Design history

The legendary design notebook brand also considers drinking water using plastic to be old-fashioned and switches to reusable bottles.

Closca x Your Brand

If you are one of the brands that believe change is possible for a better future, we make it easy for you.

bottle with strap red
closca bottle with strap suarez