Closca Fuga, RedDot Design Award

Closca Fuga won the 2015 RedDot Design Award for Product Design. Fuga is the first portable bike helmet to win this price, a recognition to good design and functionality.
We designed Closca Fuga thinking of the citizens of today, transforming what was a purely a protection accessory into much more. Protecting your mind with a product that urban cyclists really want to wear: that’s our goal, and we’re now closer to it.
Safety, style and portability where our aim and so far we’ve been ticking all the checklist. With a double safety certificate by SGS, Fuga exeeds both the american (CPSC) and european (EN 1078) regulations.
At Closca, we believe a lively, cheerful city will be the expression of a dynamic and creative society. We think people who lead innovation will be able to lead this transformation into more aware, people-friendly spaces for us to grow in. That’s why our products are so simple and minimimalistac, but also functional and people-focused.
We created a helmet thinking of what a helmet must be (safe, reliable) but also what we don’t want it to be (bulky, not elegant). And so we ended up with a beautiful, stylish and safe helmet that adapts to today’s necessities.
We’ll keep on working on creating a product that can change the attitudes towards the cities of the future, like Dieter Rams taught us: good design is as little as possible.
Closca Fuga was designed by Closca and CuldeSac in Valencia.
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Closca Fuga, RedDot Design Award