Our planet is a reflection of the society that inhabits it and we must commit ourselves to be worthy of a better planet. We are with the people who want to show their message to the world. With people who appreciate beauty, feel an inevitable need to reverse our ecological footprint and are committed to change.

That is why, from Closca, we create physical and online products that inspire change to create a better future for all. Products that are born from urgent challenges that we must face as humanity. Challenges such as #CitiesWithSoul to live in cities without smoke and noise, committed to sustainable mobility. Or like #MyLastPlasticBottle, to eliminate single-use plastic once and for all. Or #MaskOn, so that people can breathe clean, healthy air while protecting the environment.

To all those who, like us, feel co-responsible for our footprint on the world, feel that we need to transform our consumption and want to take action NOW, welcome to the community of change ambassadors.

Carlos Ferrando,  CEO and founder of Closca

Closca is the first brand for ambassadors of change, creating icons to inspire the social and cultural movement that people, cities, and the planet need.

Change in people

At Closca we believe that the climate crisis is caused by a deep social and cultural crisis. Therefore, now is the time to change the way we act and consume. It is time for a change of attitude.

Change in cities

Our cities need a change. To become green, healthy and lively places. It is in our hands to achieve this with small gestures that have a big impact. It is time to change the way we live.

Change on the planet

Nature does not wait. It is time to stop acting as mere passengers and give back to the planet everything it has given us, gives us and will give us. It is time to become aware.