We are dreamers.
We imagine more sustainable and friendly cities, better places to live and grow up in.

We are innovators.
We use design and technology to inspire change.

We are responsible.
We make a positive impact on the environment and create awareness.

We are iconic.
Our products express who you are and what you want.

We are global.
We are born from a local initiative, to be present across the globe.

We are non-conformists.
We are committed to changing the world by redesigning the world.

We are


the future.

We are changing today to change tomorrow. We inspire change in habits and our relationship with the environment so that cities are more sustainable and people-centred. To evolve towards a better world.


the consequences.

We create innovative, technologically advanced products, that allow you to make a positive impact on the planet in your day to day, protecting and respecting the environment.


the icons.

We redesign what defines and identifies you. That shows who you are. Simple and sophisticated. Committed and a dreamer. Practical and elegant: You.

We inspire

points of sale


and certificates