I. Residence and eligibility:

Participation in this promotion organised by Closca Design S.L and Sepiia 2080 S.L. is open to all Internet users over the age of 18.

This promotion is not open to minors, employees of Closca or Sepiia the employees of those companies participating in this promotion, to members of their families (to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity), or to legal persons in general.

II.- Timeframe: The promotion is only valid during the 13th of february of 2020, ending at 23 :00h UTC+1 the same day.

III.- Access to the promotion and participation: To participate in the promotion to be held as indicated in these terms and conditions, participants must follow the Instagram accounts of @Closcadesign and @sepiia2080 commenting the photo of Closca’s withc the contest tagging two friends in the comment.

1 gift card of Sepiia to be redeemed at


The purpose of this promotion is to promote the image of Closca and Sepiia and encourage visits and post on their Instagram accounts that are the object of the campaign, @Closcadesign and @sepiia2080 as well as visiting to the post (and subsequent sharing).


Access to the promotion and participation: To participate in the promotion to be held as indicated in these terms and conditions, participants must follow the Instagram accounts of @Closcadesign and @sepiia2080 commenting the photo of Closca’s with the contest tagging two friends in the comment.The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, any other prize, and may not be changed, altered or compensated for at the request of the winner. The offer for sale and/or sale of the prize is prohibited.

The prize cannot be changed for its amount in cash.


Access to the promotion and participation: To participate in the promotion to be held as indicated in these terms and conditions, participants must follow the Instagram accounts of @Closcadesign and @sepiia2080 commenting the photo of Closca’s with the contest tagging two friends in the comment.


Once the promotion has ended, CLOSCA will prepare a numbered file labelled list of participants with all those Internet users who have taken part, in accordance with these terms and conditions. The day the promotion ends, CLOSCA will use a panel of judges to select a winner and three reserves. These reserves will be used in chronological order in any of the following situations: a) If the winner were not to meet all the requirements for participation in the competition b) If it were not to be possible to locate the winner. c) If for whatever reason the winner were to reject the prize; d) If the winner were to breach the prohibitions or incur in any of the situations detailed in these terms and conditions. The reserve winners must also comply with the requirements in these terms and conditions. If the prize still has not been awarded, after all the reserve winners have been called on, the prize will be declared forfeit.


The names of the winner will be published in the days following their selection on the same post of the contest.

Within 4 days, CLOSCA will contact the winner, mentioning him or her in a comment, giving instructions on how to collect the prize and requesting acceptance of the prize. CLOSCA reserves the right to request the sending of a copy of the winner’s identity document as evidence of their address and age, in order to send the prize that has been won. If within a maximum of 2 days as from date of publication of the post with the comment the winner neither confirms, nor accepts the prize, it will be understood not to have been accepted, and the reserves will be called on. CLOSCA will send the prize to the email addresses provided by the winning participants at no cost within 1 week from confirmation and/or acceptance. The prize is non-transferrable, which means that if for any reason the winners or the selected reserves were unable or unwilling to accept the prize for any reason, were to waive their right to it, were unable to be located at the address given or were to fail to meet the requirements established in these terms and conditions, as well as if no participants were to take part, the prize will be declared null and void.


The term for making claims regarding any problem or incident in connection with this promotion shall end three months from the end of the period of the promotion.


By participating in this promotion participants accept its terms and conditions and the discretion of CLOSCA to resolve any matter arising out of its development.

If CLOSCA were to detect that the promotion is being used for fraudulent purposes, it shall be able to modify the pertinent elements of these terms to ensure it can operate correctly.


The organising Company assumes no liability in the event of any loss, damage, theft, delay, poor Internet network functioning or any other circumstance and the incorrect transmission of contents preventing the normal development of the promotion for reasons unrelated to the company, and in particular for external actions in bad faith, as well as any other type of claim because of the issue without the consent of its owner of the material submitted by participants in this promotion.


Pursuant to the terms of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, CLOSCA, informs participants that the personal data provided during their participation in the promotion will be included on a file owned by the company created for the purpose of managing their participation in the competition, to be able to contact them should they be declared winners and deliver prizes as appropriate. Three months after the end of the promotional activity the data of participants who have not been winners will be automatically destroyed. You may exercise your right to correct, cancel and object to the information during the term of the promotion if you are a participant, and at any time if you are a winner, by means of a letter to the indicated address or by email to


Participation in the competition in a fraudulent manner (use of bots, non-manual systems, hacking, etc.) will result in immediate elimination from the competition, without right to any prize that may have been awarded as a result of the fraud or deceit. Nevertheless, the intention of CLOSCA is to provide an adequate space for the purposes of the promotion, so that participant comments will be subject to a filter, and it may decide not to publish a comment based on its content or because it displays any of the following attitudes:

· Slander, abuse or violation of the legal rights of the remaining users in relation to their publicity and privacy.

· Discrimination against the opinions or comments made by other users for reasons of race, sex or religion.

· Direct publication or publication via a link of slanderous, obscene, violent or offensive content in relation to third parties.

· Infringement of Industrial or Intellectual Property rights.

· Inclusion of viruses or other physical or electronic elements that might damage or impede the normal operation of the CLOSCA webpage.

Verification of any of the mentioned circumstances during the promotion shall imply automatic disqualification and a ban on participation in the promotion.


The winner(s) authorise CLOSCA to reproduce and user their personal details to publicise the prize. Furthermore, the winner grants CLOSCA the necessary rights for their reproduction, use, distribution, public communication and any other type of activity in relation to them, whether the format is electronic, digital, paper or on any other medium, for the purpose of managing the competition.


The Instagram platform does not sponsor, support or administer this promotion by CLOSCA in any way, and is not associated with it, so that participants shall have no connection of any kind with that platform. Users acknowledge that Instagram is a platform beyond the control of CLOSCA and that therefore it will not be responsible for any malfunction of the Fanpage, unavailability or incorrect transmission of content preventing the normal development of its Fanpage for reasons unrelated to the company. CLOSCA reminds its fans that as Facebook indicates in its Privacy Policy, the information to which the application has access is that which users have defined when configuring the privacy of their Facebook profile and always with the prior authorisation of the user for access to certain information in order to provide the service. We recommend that you carefully read the Facebook privacy Policy that can be reached via the following webpage