What did we learn?

Over the past few decades we have been spectators of how our human race has ignored the messages that Planet Earth was giving us. We have not listened, when it fact the Planet had been quietly shouting at us. We disconnected from that inner voice that loudly has been giving us strong warnings of the damage we were causing to the planet.

Suddenly, COVID19 made us stop. Then, there was silence. We heard that voice. We realised that the climate change crisis can be stopped if we act now.
“No one is too small to make a difference and help change the world. We are all in this together”

Which new behaviours will you adopt to generate a positive change?
Closca Mask The symbol of reflection

Wearing a mask should not be perceived as a fashion statement. Our mask is an icon of change for future generations, hoping that one day they will not to have to wear it.

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Closca Helmet The iconic and awarded urban helmet

Urban mobility without polluting the city. The usage of micro mobility (bicycles and e-scooters) helps keeping our air clean of CO2 and NOX and is encouraged by most governments as an alternative form of transportation to minimise COVID19 infections.

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Closca Bottle The Portable & refillable bottle

Aligned with our mission to listen to the planet, we are committed to reduce single-use plastic pollution (drink water without throwing away plastic) - Refill and reuse.

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Closca Water App Refill your Closca Bottle and get rewards

By downloading our free Water App, you will geolocate water fountains worldwide, join challenges and receive rewards each time you refill your bottle.

Be Responsible. Inspire change