Closca Helmet Loop

€39.90 €69.90
Color: Pearl
Back: Coral

Turn any journey into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Exclusive advantages of its folding system:

Safer: In the event of a collision, the impact is optimally dissipated thanks to micro-movements that are better distributed over the entire surface.

Occupies less space: It reduces its size by 45% in one second.

Portable: You can store it comfortably in any bag or backpack.

Its aerodynamic design and lightness make you forget you're wearing it.

Available in two sizes: M (340g) and L (375g).

The innovative integrated ventilation system allows air to circulate, even though the holes are hidden.
The concealed orifice system protects you against fine rain.
Its rear adjustment allows it to adapt to the head just by pulling the rubbers protecting the area of the nape of the neck

Closca Helmet complies with the strict safety standards EN1078 and CPSC, valid for Europe, Asia, USA and Canada.

In the event of a collision, the impact is optimally dissipated, as the folding system allows for micro-movements that cause the impact to be better distributed over the entire surface.

This means that not only will it never fold while you are wearing it, but it will provide you with maximum safety during your travels.

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