The app that helps you find water.

Stop using single-use plastic bottles and paying to drink water and measure your positive impact on the planet with just your mobile phone.
The app that helps you find water.

Plastic saved


Together we have saved the planet thousands of kilos of plastic bottles.

Turtles saved


Every time you use your refillable bottle you are saving marine ecosystems.

Closca Waterapp

Leave your mark

We need to change the way we consume water. But to do so, it must be available and accessible. 

Your mobile becomes your best ally to find water, measure your positive impact on the planet, become an ambassador in the fight against single-use plastic waste, and get rewarded for it!

Find water

More than 240,000 refill points worldwide.

Be an ambassador

Share your actions with others and inspire them to take part.


Measure your impact

Make your positive impact on the planet tangible with real-time metrics.


Be part of the community and participate in global challenges.


Drinking without single-use plastic is rewarded. Receive rewards for avoiding plastic waste.

The app to find water

Connect your Closca bottles with the Water app and become part of an active community in the fight against single-use plastic.


Hello, how can we help you?

How can I register my bottle?

1- Go to your profile and in the "My bottles" section you can add as many bottles as you want. To do this, choose the model of your Closca bottle and give it the name of your choice.
* If you don't have a Closca bottle, you have the option "I have another bottle model" at the end of the list.

2- Connect your bottle. Bring your mobile phone close to the bottom cap or the top cap of your bottle and connect it.

Do I need a Closca bottle to use the application?

It is not necessary to have a Closca bottle to use the Closca Water App. When you register your profile in the app, click on the option "I have another bottle model" at the bottom of the list of bottles.

How to add a fountain?

Follow these steps to add a new fountain:

1- Go to your profile and click on the option "Added fountains". Then "Add fountain".

2- Name it, upload a photo and geolocate the fountain (the map appears with the point and you just have to confirm), click on "Create fountain" and you have created your first fountain!

How do I get points?

Discover the different ways to earn points in the application and redeem them for amazing rewards.

3 Closca Points:

- Fill in a public fountain

- Add new fountains

1 Closca Points:

- Fill in from home/office

- When your friend also fills in

- Rate a fountain

How do I redeem my points?

From Closca, we would like to thank all those who actively fight against the problem of single-use plastic. To do this, we have created a system of rewards in the application that are obtained through points.

To redeem your points, go to your profile in the "Rewards" option, choose the product or service you like the most, enter it and click on the "Redeem this reward" button.

How do I invite my friends?

Follow these steps:

1. In the menu select the option "Invite friends".

2. A unique code will be generated for you to share with your friends.

3. You can either copy the code or send it directly from the app by clicking on the "Send your code" button.

4. Choose how you want to share it (WhatsApp, email, social networks...)

5. Send your code and receive 1 Closca Coin every time your friends refill their bottles from a fountain on the map.

How do the challenges work?

Challenges liven up your daily fight against plastic bottles. You can do it individually with time-limited challenges and specific actions, e.g. refill your bottle for 21 consecutive days.

Or you can join collective challenges in which groups (e.g. work colleagues) have to achieve a goal, e.g. save 1 million plastic bottles in one month.

How do I join a challenge?

In the menu select the option "Challenges", you will see a list of the challenges you have access to. Entering each challenge you will find a description of the challenge and a "Join the challenge" button at the end of each one.

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