While you take care of your body and mind, you can look after the planet. Become an ambassador of change with Closca Bottle Wave.

Closca Bottle Wave We are all connected

The planet is evolving, and so we are. Let's do it responsibly and avoid having more plastic in the sea than fish. Take your refillable bottle with you and say no to plastic when drinking water.

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Closca Bottle Carry and refill it everywhere

Leave plastic bottles in the past while get hydrated. Elegant, easy to carry and refillable, it is the perfect symbol against plastic pollution.

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Closca Water App Refill your Closca Bottle and get rewards

By downloading our free Water App, you will geolocate water fountains worldwide, join challenges and receive rewards each time you refill your bottle.

Closca Helmet Icon of the new micro-mobility

Move around your city safely and comfortably, while reducing your carbon footprint and helping to keep the air we breathe clean.

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Closca Helmet Loop Perfect for urban riders

Light, collapsable and stylish. Perfect to commute safely everyday while protecting the planet. Move consciously.

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Closca Mask Collective action

As a society, we have shown that, when we are united, we are stronger. Therefore, Masks are the symbol of empathy and solidarity. Inspire community action.

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The Brave Club

Our kids are brave because they speak up in the face of injustice, they are willing to help and, above all, to protect others. United they are the Brave Club.

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Closer than ever. Inspire change