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We live in a key moment of humanity where we must take responsibility for creating a better future.

At Closca, we assume part of that responsibility and we invite you to carry this message through our products and services.

Collection's name

Closer than ever

It’s time for reflection. COVID-19 situation has led us to a new era. Now we have the opportunity to stop our routines, to rethink our behaviours and to reconnect with our environment. An environment where nature and wildlife has regained lost space. The one stolen by us in our desire for individualism.

It is time to rethink: What does really matter? Here and Now are more important than ever. Thinking and acting locally to reach global impact is vital for the future. Now is when we have to be closer even when we should not touch each other. It’s time for proximity.

How are you going to inspire change?
Closca Bottle Carry and refill it everywhere

Leave plastic bottles in the past while get hydrated. Elegant, easy to carry and refillable, it is the perfect symbol against plastic pollution.

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Closca Water App Refill your Closca Bottle and get rewards

By downloading our free Water App, you will geolocate water fountains worldwide, join challenges and receive rewards each time you refill your bottle.

Closca Helmet Icon of the new micro-mobility

Move around your city safely and comfortably, while reducing your carbon footprint and helping to keep the air we breathe clean.

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Closca Mask Protect others by protecting yourself

The non fashion accessory to make us reflect about the future we want to leave to the next generations.

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Closer than ever. Inspire change