Closca Bottle Nude

Color: White

HANDS-FREE BOTTLE:  Wear your bottle instead of carrying it, while expressing your attitudes. Unique embraceable system patented by Closca. 

DUAL OPENING: Dual caps allow for ice, fruit, and tea infuse, as well as an easy, seamless cleaning. Backed by our LeakProof Guarantee. 

BOROSILICATE GLASS: BPA free, made with the toughest glass in a water bottle. Keep your water pure and odor-free.

AN INTIMATE SIP: Designed with a soft, rounded mouth to create the most intimate drinking experience.

CREATIVE ACCESSORIES: Our infuser allows you to add creativity to your drinks and our Caps let you personalize your bottle style. (Both sold separately).

WATER EVERYWHERE: The Closca Water App helps you find the nearest refill points. The NFC in the bottom cap opens it directly in your smartphone.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

If you live in Spain, 1 to 3 days. Outside Spain between 5 and 7 days.

What are the shipping costs?

If you live in Europe, shipping is free! If you live outside Europe from 75€ the shipping is free!

Softest drinking

The wide and rounded mouth made of glass improves the sensation of warmth in your lips.


The silicone strech (26mm. - 40mm.) allows you to attach it anywhere you want to carry it, your bag, suitcase or even your bike.

Closca bottle infuser

You can place it on the bottom of the bottle to create both cold and hot drinks.

leaking proof system

Gaskets in both
openings to ensure no leakage.

Dual opening

The only way to get your bottle completely cleaned. Reaching the inaccesible areas of the bottles with a single cap.

420ml - 14’2 oz

You don’t have to carry a lot of water, you can refill your bottle everywhere with the Closca Water App.

borosilicate glass

The only material that doesn’t add flavour or odor to your water. And of course, is BPA free and recyclable.

water everywhere

The Closca Water App helps you find the nearest refill points. Its NFC in the bottom cap opens it directly in your smartphonee.

Softest drinking

Wide and rounded mouth made of glass.

Dual opening

Add creativity to your drinks. Dishwasher safe.


Attach your bottle to your bag, bike or purse.

420ml - 14’2 oz

Perfect quantity that you can refill anywhere with the Closca Water App.

Closca bottle infuser

Design your own cold or hot drinks.

Borosili­cate Glass

Resistant, BPA Free. Keeps your water pure and odor-free.


Gaskets in both openings. Backed by our lifetime LeakProof Guarantee.


Opens Closca Water App directly in your smartphone.

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