Design trends 2018: Forecasting for urban biking

With urban commuting on the rise, cycling is more fashionable than ever. Find out what urban bike and bike accessory design trends we might see in 2018.

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From then to Closca: The evolution of the helmet

For as long as we've had bicycles, we've needed helmets. Find out about the history of helmet making, and how we came to the urban bike helmet of today.

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Inspirational women cyclists we can all admire

In every sport, there are people that inspire us. Cycling is no different! Ever wonder who paved the way for bike riders today? Read about the six inspiring women cyclists listed below. Then grab your Closca Helmet and follow their lead.

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Interesting facts you didn't know about urban commuter bikes

As one of the earliest forms of public transportation, bikes have been around for centuries. Learn about its history, construction and use over the years.

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The most popular art museums in NYC worth checking out

When you want to be inspired, there's no better place to go than an art museum. From MoMA to the Guggenheim, The Big Apple has some of the best in the U.S.

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NFC technology and the Closca Helmet, explained

As one of the first helmets on the market embedded with NFC technology, the Closca Helmet makes your daily commute safer, more convenient and "smarter."

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